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How to Submit a Photo Online for Engraving How to Mail a Photo for Engraving


Pictures submitted for engraving must NOT be copyrighted and will not be engraved without proper permissions.  By submitting a picture for engraving you are responsible to make sure the picture is not copyrighted.  If the picture does contain a copyright you must provide us with written (signed) permission from the owner of the photo stating that Ayers Engraving and Design has permission to reproduce and alter this photograph.     

To submit a digital photo please fill out the following form, attach your photo file and click the "Submit" button:


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It is not crucial that what is in the background of your photo look perfect because we often edit the background out of the image.  Pay close attention to the subject matter in your photo.  For example:  If we are engraving a picture of a person make sure the lighting is good, the picture is in focus and that there is nothing obstructing the view of any of the area you want engraved.  The image resolution must be at least 300 dpi (600dpi preferred).